After two years apart, a woman and her stolen husky are reunited in a tearful reunion

There were many happy tears shed when a stolen Husky was reunited with his family two years after he went missing.After a long and exhausting journey home, Semper the Siberian Husky was reunited with his mother, Kameroun Mares.Semper was undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia when Kameroun Mares adopted her as a puppy.Semper Fidelis, which means “always faithful” in Latin, was her name, but something unexpected happened to her during therapy.

Kameroun relocated from Florida to California, leaving Semper in the care of her roommate at the time.
She did, however, receive word that Semper had gone missing while she was away.
She looked everywhere, but he wasn’t to be found.Despite the fact that she was living in California, she continued to search, posting on the internet and calling rescues and shelters all over Florida.
Semper had a microchip, so she hoped he would be discovered and scanned.Ana Campos, a private investigator, was contacted for further assistance.That’s when Campos stumbled across something unusual.Kameroun had registered Semper with AKC Reunite, a service linked to his microchip.

“After a year, someone suggested to Kameroun that she double-check her AKC Reunite chip.”
So she went to the humane society, and they did an online search.”
“She realized a woman had added her name to Semper’s chip a year before,” Campos told The Dodo.
The other microchip manufacturer did not bother to check to see if Semper’s chip was already registered to someone.Campos dug deeper and discovered that Semper was for sale on Craigslist for $200.
Because he had been “flipped,” Kameroun had never discovered him.According to Campos, Kameroun’s roommate was the one who sold Semper.
“He was stolen and sold by her roommate two and a half years ago,” Campos wrote on Facebook.

A judge ruled in Kameroun’s favor after he hired a lawyer, and Semper was rescued from the person who had purchased him and returned to Kameroun.After 2.5 years of searching and attempting to locate Semper, Kameroun was set to be reunited with him.
Here’s a video of the heartfelt scene.
According to Kameroun, Semper remembers the commands she taught him and is settling in nicely in his new California home.”I regard him as an extension of myself and my heart,” Kameroun explained.
“It feels good to have him back in my arms.”For more information, watch the touching video, share your thoughts, and don’t forget to share the story on social media.