After rescuing a pregnant Mastiff dog, a police officer goes above and beyond the call of duty

Officer John Lyons of the Cleveland Police Department brings his work home every now and then, and when he does, he saves lives.The officer lives and works in Cleveland’s Fourth District, where he contributes to community safety by rescuing homeless animals he finds abandoned and malnourished on the streets.

He frequently encounters neglected and dogs on the job, which he returns to the jail until his shift is finished.He then takes them home and goes to work to find them loving homes.While out on patrol one evening, he came across a sickly mastiff mix.

She was not only out of shape, but also heavily pregnant.He felt she needed immediate attention, so he apprehended her and took her to Westpark Animal Hospital for an examination.He named the dog Clarice and brought her home with him to keep an eye on her until her puppies arrived.

He created a wonderful, relaxing environment for her in his garage.He became well-known after a photo of him napping by Clarice’s side as she prepared to give birth went viral!When the time came, John was there to help Clarice deliver a litter of seven puppies.

He contacted Amy’s Adoptables to see if they could assist him, knowing that once the puppies were born, they would all require loving homes!Such a touching story; watch the video for more, leave a comment, and share the video on social media.