After Receiving His First Bed, a Rescued Dog Shows His Gratitude

This dog has just had the best day of his life.He didn’t expect this to happen when he was going through his darkest days, but it did.He can’t believe he just got a bed after living on the streets his entire life, writes top13.

His name is Ezra, and he was overcome with emotion when he received the comfortable bed in which he would now sleep.His joy was revealed by a huge smile on his face.After being rescued from the streets, he lived at the Fairfield County Animal Shelter.When he was taken off the street, his nervousness and fear were obvious.He was able to overcome his fear and choose a family with the assistance of the shelter staff.He accomplished this by employing a very specific technique.

“The hot dogs were the foundation of our relationship.”When we passed by Ezra’s kennel, we always got hot dogs.”What started with him throwing the hot dogs gradually evolved into him gently taking them out of our hands,” Samira Yaghi, the shelter’s rescue coordinator, told The Dodo.

His demeanor began to improve from that point on.Ezra began adjusting to his new life in the shelter and preparing to find a new home.He was already allowing himself to be loved, and he went for his first walk 5 months after being rescued.”It’s been an uphill battle ever since.””He’s full of movement and bounces whenever he sees us approaching, eager to say ‘hello’ and give us kisses,” Yaghi said.

When the shelter received a donation of several dog beds, Ezra noticed them and fell in love with one.
He decided to lie down on one of the beds during one of their usual walks.He was head over heels in love with that bed and how he felt in it.It was Ezra’s smile that earned him a social media following.After a short trip, he is now settled in New York.Ezra can now smile more often now that he has a new family.He’ll never be without love again.

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