After being rescued by Ukrainian soldiers, an abandoned Russian war dog switches sides

Max, a starving Russian beagle abandoned by Vladimir Putin’s army, has discovered a new home.For the Ukrainians, he spends his days sniffing out booby traps and unexploded mines.

A Russian soldier’s abandoned special forces battle dog has switched sides and is now assisting Ukrainians.

Max, three, was discovered malnourished and near death in a region where there has been some violence.One of the most intense battles since Vladimir Putin launched his invasion

The Belgian Malinois was nursed back to health before being handed over to Ukrainian forces.He’s learned Ukrainian and now works as a booby trap and unexploded explosives sniffer.

“Max will now serve on the right side, protecting Ukraine and nibbling Russian territory.butts, “Dmitry, a member of Ukraine’s National Guard, explained.”Max has become quite popular among the guards,” a colleague observed.”We’re perplexed as to why the Russians would throw away such a beautiful animal.”

“Dogs are considered family members by Ukrainians.”Max was a Kremlin soldier who had helped conquer a settlement near the Black Sea in

Mykolaiv district

When Mad Vlad’s soldiers left him alone, he survived by eating rotten food.

He was still wearing a camouflage collar supplied to Russian military canines when he was discovered.”Malinois are the same breed used by the SAS and the SBS,” a British special forces officer explained.They are fearless, intelligent, and athletic beings.

“They are devoted, but Max is convinced that the Ukrainians are his new rulers.””I’m astounded that the Russians abandoned one of these creatures because they are such a valuable asset,” he continued.

“A dog’s attachment to its handler is also quite strong.It would be the same.As if you were abandoning a member of your family”