After being dropped into the ocean, a friendly dolphin retrieves a woman’s phone

While on the sea, you must be extremely cautious with your gadgets, particularly your phone, because if you drop them, your chances of recovering them are extremely slim, if not none at all.
So, when this young lady saw her phone gradually sink to the bottom of the sea, she never imagined she’d see it again.
Imagine her surprise when a friendly dolphin returned her phone.
I know it’s difficult to believe, but they also captured the moment on camera, and it’s the type of video you’ve never seen before!

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Teressa Cee, a Miami Warmth supporter, was in the Bahamas and took advantage of the opportunity to swim with dolphins off Blue Shallows Island.
She had no idea she was in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Teressa was about to enter the water to spend some time with the adorable dolphins that surrounded the boat, so she asked a friend to keep her phone while she was in the water.
However, the phone simply fell from the person’s grasp and into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Teressa had already begun to regret the fact that she would never be able to recover her phone, but then something remarkable happened.
One of the dolphins recognized the phone and dove to find it.
To everyone’s surprise, he not only found it, but also returned it to Teressa, who couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
Teressa captured the incredible scene on camera and later shared it online.

“I had the opportunity to swim with dolphins while in the Bahamas,” she wrote on Facebook.
“We were shooting on a floating platform in the middle of the Atlantic.”

So, against my better judgment, I asked someone to hold my phone for me, and he inadvertently dropped it into water, sinking to the bottom.
Cacique, the dolphin, actually found my phone and returned it to me.
“It’s the cutest thing ever!”

You can see the incredible minute here:

Cacique– as the brave dolphin is known– and the other dolphins at Blue Shallows Island are not only extremely friendly, but they’re also educated as part of the Dolphin Encounters, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Bahamas.
The cetacean was rewarded for his endearing behavior with a selfie with Teressa.