After a car accident, a rescue worker performs CPR on a baby elephant

After performing CPR on a baby elephant, a Thai rescue worker was able to bring it back to life in a truly remarkable scene.

After an accident with a motorcycle, the little lay drab in the middle of the road.
The good news is that, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated rescuer, the odds have turned in its favor.


When the unfavorable accident occurred, the baby elephant was crossing a road with his family members in Thailand’s southeastern province of Chanthaburi.
Despite the fact that he was not in charge, rescuer employee Mana Srivate rushed to the scene after receiving the call.
Even though he had been performing resuscitations for over two decades, he had never done so on an elephant.His determination, on the other hand, saved the young calf bone’s life.


To make matters worse, the rescuer was under even more pressure because the rest of the herd had not been away, and they could have arrived at any time.
Surprisingly, the calf bone was revived after a significant rescue that lasted about 10 minutes.

“It’s my reaction to save lives, but I was stressed throughout,” Mana told Reuters.
“I can hear the mother elephant as well as other elephants calling for the child.”
“I guessed where an elephant heart would be based on human intuition and a video I saw online.”


Despite entering senses, the baby elephant was taken to a veterinarian center for additional examinations.
It didn’t take long for the child to recover, so the rescue team returned him to the same location to find his family members.

Fortunately, the child’s mother ran in its direction as soon as she heard its voice.

Mana’s extraordinary efforts were captured on camera by some locals, and the video footage quickly went viral.
The elephant calf was given a second chance at life thanks to this hero.
Check out the incredible moment in the video clip below!