After a breeding mishap, a breeder attempts to euthanize three puppies, but rescuers intervene to save them

The English Bulldog puppies were only a few weeks old when they were rescued.
Despite the litter’s young age, their breeder was adamant about euthanizing them.

“A man walked into a vet’s office and demanded that they be euthanized,” Nadine from Rhode Home Rescue told
“Something went wrong when he tried to breed these puppies.”
He dumped them because they couldn’t be sold for a profit.”

Fortunately, someone at the veterinary office contacted the Rhode Island non-profit organization that rescues abused, neglected, and unwanted dogs from breeders, high-kill shelters, and other dangerous situations.
“I told them we’d take them and not put them down,” Nadine explained.
“I couldn’t; I couldn’t even think of these poor babies who were euthanized before they even had a chance to live.”

Despite the fact that all three puppies were saved that day, rescuers realized they had a larger problem.
All of the puppies had vision issues that would necessitate surgery.
One puppy had an enlarged eyeball that caused him excruciating pain and necessitated immediate removal.
Others were blinded and required extensive testing to determine the extent of their genetic deformities and whether their vision could be saved.

However, there was no way a non-profit animal rescue run entirely on donations and volunteers could afford the mounting medical bills for this unfortunate litter.
This prompted rescuers to contact Waggle, which collaborated with GreaterGood and The Animal Rescue Site to provide these puppies with the surgeries they require to overcome these daunting health challenges.

“We don’t know much about these puppies yet, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure they live happy and normal lives as the adorable puppies they were born to be,” Nadine said.
“We couldn’t stand by and watch these puppies be euthanized because they couldn’t recover from their genetic deformities.”

Please contribute to Ellis, Yuri, and Evie’s medical recovery fund to help them grow into happy, healthy dogs!
Even the smallest contribution can assist these innocent puppies in overcoming their early misfortune and receiving the second chance they deserve.

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