Adorable rescue Puppy has ears that looks like mini Cinnamon rolls

She was a.bandoned at two weeks old 😞 They named her Cinnamon ❤️

And she has cinnamon roll ears awww ♥️❤️❤️

After hearing about a litter of puppies in rural Georgia in need of rescue.Deane, the president of Pit Sisters, a dog rescue organization, was taken aback when she noticed one of the puppies with earls curling inwards.

The pups were found at a public shelter all alone, having likely [] the home of a [negle.ctful] owner because they were all skinny and [infected] with [wo.rms].They were only 5 weeks old, but they had not been properly cared for.

Cinnamon, named for obvious reasons, stood out among her siblings, who all had large, pointy ears.Deane stated, “I’ve never seen a dog with such large ears as hers.”Everyone is amazed at how cute she is… and she’s even cuter in person!

Her lovely face has been shared all over the internet, gaining her a lot of attention while also preparing her and her siblings for adoption.

Cinnamon appears to be aware that she is a very special girl… She is very sweet and gets along well with other dogs.Her ears are just like her personality: quirky and a lot of fun.

I’m glad she’s getting the attention she deserves; she’s stunning.It’s incredible that this little dog is still alive. Cinnamon roll ears extra cute pup pup.Never seen anything like it before, absolutely stunning little puppy with curlers on her ears.

So adorable…
I adore cinnamon rolls.