Adorable Deaf And Blind Dog Immediately Recognizes Her Grandpa After A Year Apart

Hayden Kristal’s father, Steve, was concerned when she brought Bitsy home five years ago.He was concerned about how the 5-week-old deaf and blind puppy would fare and whether she would be able to get around on her own, writes

Steve’s fears were quickly dispelled when he met the energetic, upbeat dog.

“She’s always been her own woman,” Kristal told The Dodo.”When I brought her home, the first thing she did was make a beeline for the food dish, crawl into it, and eat until she passed out.”

Bitsy is not the helpless dog her grandfather imagined.She and her mother have traveled across the country, hiking, canoeing, riding the subway, and even skateboarding.Kristal described Bitsy as “the sweetest, friendliest, most loving, and loyal dog in the world.””She’s daring and sassy, and she lives for adventure!”

Kristal’s father adores his granddog more than he could have imagined, and the two spend as much time together as they can.

“He is her biggest supporter and champion,” Kristal said.”He will tell anyone who will listen what a wonderful dog she is and how much he adores her.”He does typical grandpa things like spoiling her with treats and toys, and she enjoys just being near him.”

However, when COVID restrictions were implemented last year, Bitsy and her mother’s lives were slowed.One of the most difficult changes for Kristal and Bitsy was being separated from family, including Kristal’s father.

Bitsy was finally able to join her grandfather for an emotional reunion over a year later:

Steve was concerned that Bitsy would forget him after such a long time apart.But that couldn’t be further from the truth.”She totally lost her mind with joy as soon as I got within scent range,” Steve Kristal wrote on Facebook.”I did, too.”

“Once again, Bitsy demonstrated that the abilities she possesses are far more impressive than the ones she lacks,” he added.”What a truly incredible and wonderful soul.”Perhaps you can tell how much we adore each other from this video.”

Kristal knew her faithful dog would never forget a person who cared so much for her.And now that the family is back together, the world looks a little brighter for everyone.