Adopted Since 3 Months Old, Abandoned Bear Has Lived With His Human Family For 23 Years

Do you believe in the friendship that can exist between humans and wild bears?Some may believe that this only happens in fairy tales, but it is true.A Russian couple adopted an abandoned bear cub 23 years ago and have lived with the giant ever since.

Stepan, the abandoned bear, was adopted by Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko when he was only three months old.Hunters discovered and rescued the poor cub in the forest.Stepan was in a terrible state at the time.This prompted the couple to take in the bear cub and provide him with a home.

It’s been 23 years since they offered a family to the motherless bear cub.Stepan has grown into a 300-pound, 7-foot-tall giant bear.

Some people may be intimidated by his demeanor and appearance.Stepan the bear, on the other hand, is affectionate and adorable.He enjoys hugging and snuggling with his humans.

Furthermore, the bear has never harmed anyone in his vicinity.He adores his human companions.Stepan even assists his owner with housework such as watering plants.

He adores people and is a sociable bear; contrary to popular belief, he is not aggressive in the least.
Stepan has never bitten any of us.”One of the bear’s interests is watching TV with his parents.And he never fails to ask for cuddles during this time.

Stepan enjoys nothing more than snuggling up with us on the sofa at night while we watch TV.”

Stepan eats a lot. He consumes up to 25kg of fish, eggs, and vegetables every single day. His favorite treat of all time is a can of condensed milk.

Interestingly, the bear loves moving around. He loves playing football and acting as a model for films and photoshoots.

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