Abused Pit Bull Thrown from Moving Car Rescued Just in Time

Penny the Pit Bull’s rescuers had no idea they were saving two lives when they rescued her.

Penny was thrown from a moving vehicle and rescued by staff at the nearby Berclair Animal Hospital.Penny was malnourished, injured, and experiencing congestive heart failure as a result of heartworms.Penny had infected cuts and wounds all over her face, and her rescuers believe she was used in dog fig.ht.i.ng.

The veterinarians contacted Donna Velez, founder of Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue in Memphis, Tennessee, to see if her organization could assist.Despite the fact that her rescue was full and she was recovering from her own health problems, Donna asked them to send her some photos.As soon as she saw Penny’s photos, she directed the vets to relieve the dog’s pain and treat her.Donna told DogHeirs that she was determined to find a way to help Penny even if she couldn’t take her herself.

Donna then drove to the clinic to see Penny herself.Donna knew she’d take the skinny, hurt dog after just one look.”I can’t not take her,” she reasoned.”She looked pitiful,” Donna told DogHeirs, admitting, “I’m a goner once I see them.”

Donna began networking for Penny, and as fate would have it, a family in St. Louis saw Penny’s photo and immediately wanted to adopt her.The family already has two Pit Bulls and is well-versed in dog care.

“She’s only been with us 10 days and she has a long way to go, but despite all of her antics, she is a good dog, she just isn’t used to this lifestyle because she was mistreated for so long,” Jennifer wrote on her Facebook page.”She’s come a long way since we got her.”

Penny’s health has improved dramatically in just a few weeks.Her treatment for advanced heartworm is working well, and she is learning a lot in her new home.

“Penny is really enjoying life right now!”

Her appetite is huge, which is good because she didn’t want to eat the first day she got home, so hopefully she’ll start gaining weight.She is still afraid of our two boys, but I am working on safely socializing them.She enjoys going for walks and wants to run back to the house when we get home, but I have to stop her because of her health.Overall, this is a big change for everyone, but I compare it to having a new baby: lots of changes that eventually fall into place.”