Abandoned Pit Bull finds refuge in a trash room behind a dumpster💔

Hope for Paws, a dog rescue organization, recently received an email informing them about a Pitbull that had been abandoned outside of a fast food restaurant.Alex Babcock and Joann Wiltz immediately decided to assist in the dog’s rescue, according to www.viral4things.com.

They drove to the restaurant to rescue the stray dog.The poor animal had taken refuge behind a dumpster in a trash room.When the two arrived at the scene, they noticed a trash truck approaching quickly.

As a result, Alex and Joann had to work quickly to save the dog so that the truck could pick up the trash.With a dog-catching device in hand, the rescuers went straight into the dumpster shed.They had to search deep within the shed to find the dog, who was sitting alone in one corner.

The rescuers attempted to entice the dog to approach them with food.When the Pitbull saw that the rescuers were friendly and feeding her, she began wagging her tail in delight.

After several more attempts, the rescuers were finally able to wrap the dog catcher around the dog.The rescue mission brought to mind Buddha, another Pitbull they had recently rescued.They informed the trash truck driver that they had the dog under control, allowing him to collect the dumpster.The Pitbull drew the rescuers behind a second dumpster as the truck emptied the contents of the dumpster inside.

They eventually managed to get the dog out of the dumpster shed and into their car.They named the Pitbull Kisses and took her to Hope for Paws.Kisses couldn’t stop herself from kissing her rescuers, true to her name.

They gave the Pitbull a thorough bath to remove the soot from her coat.Kisses quickly forgot about her problems and became friendly with the other dogs at the rescue center.She bought some toys for her new dog siblings to play with.

Source: www.viral4things.com