A woman in mourning sees her dog’s face in the clouds hours after he died

Our pets are more than just animals to us; they are best friends and family members…
When one of them dies, it’s a truly heartbreaking experience.

Many bereaved pet owners find solace in the thought that their pets are just beyond the “rainbow bridge,” happily awaiting us in the afterlife.

That was the case for one young woman who received a divine message from her deceased pet dog.
Lucy Ledgeway, a 19-year-old from York, England, was heartbroken when her pet dog Sunny died.
After having a seizure, the 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier died.

Lucy was in deep mourning in the house after Sunny died, and she went for a car ride with her boyfriend to get some fresh air and clear her mind.
Lucy wanted to feel Sunny’s presence as they passed a location where she used to take Sunny for walks.

“It was so strange.
“I was thinking to myself that seeing Sunny in the sky would be a sign that she was okay,” she told the Daily Mail.

But then she took a look up into the clouds…
and saw her dog’s expression.
“I was crying my eyes out when I looked up and saw Sunny.”

“My dog died this morning in my father’s arms, seconds before we went to the vet.”
Later that day, we went for a walk to clear our minds, and I cried to my boyfriend in the seat she died in, pleading for a sign that she was okay.
Is this what I was born with??”

Some non-believers may see nothing or dismiss it as a coincidence, but for Lucy, it was enough proof that her dog was in a better place.
“I felt a warmth after seeing Sunny in the sky.”
“It was her way of telling us she was fine,” Lucy explained.

She snapped a photo of the awe-inspiring vision and shared it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.
It has over 100,000 likes, with many dog lovers expressing their condolences…
and some even sharing similar stories of cloud visions:

“After my son died, something similar happened to me.
I understand how difficult it is to lose them, and I am sending you my heartfelt condolences.

“Oh my gosh, the EXACT SAME THING happened to us in April when our baby died!”
I’m sending my love and comfort to your family during this difficult time!???”

With so many cases like this, it’s possible that our dogs are sending us signs from beyond the rainbow bridge, as a way of assuring us that everything is fine.

Tell someone to look up the next time they lose a beloved pet…
They might just see a reassuring expression.

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