A wild rhino approached a cameraman and demanded a belly rub


It was just another ordinary day for cameraman Garth De Bruno Austin, who was in South Africa filming a conservation film about rhino poaching, when he was approached by a rhino asking for a belly rub.
All of this was captured in a 15-second video, proving that even rhinos require some TLC from time to time.

“If a rhino walks up to you while you’re filming and asks for some rubs… rub that rhino like your life depends on it!” Austin writes.
“Fortunately, she left my URSA Mini 4K camera alone!”Austin is quick to point out that rhinos can be extremely dangerous, and that despite the fact that this rhino was wild, the man had developed a bond with the animal after spending years filming it.

rhino-cameraman-belly-rub-south (1)

“Do NOT attempt this with a truly wild rhino, as it may result in your death!” warns Austin.
“Just so you know, I did not approach this animal; it was entirely her decision to allow me to enter her personal space and touch her.”

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