A Whole Litter of Maine Coon Kittens Were Born With Cute, Grumpy Expressions

If there’s one thing we’ve grown to adore, it’s both kittens (because they’re baby cats) and grumpy-faced cats.What could possibly be better than a grumpy-faced kitten?Let’s say five of them.That’s right, five grumpy-faced kittens.Swoon, heartbeat quickens, wow-factor attained!

One of the cutest features of this pawticular litter of loves is that they’re Maine coon kittens.Listen, we all know that Maine coons are some of the most majestic cats in the world.As a result, I’m sure you’re even more eager to check out these fluffy jelly beans of pure delight.Catsvill County is a Russian cattery that recently shared photos of a litter of Maine Coon kittens.

The adorable fur balls drew a metric buttload of attention.Not only because they’re hugely fluffy kittens, but also because of their unusual facial featuresIndeed, people quickly noticed that these adorable little feline friends resemble grumpy old men.

This amusing fact cannot be un-seen once it has been witnessed.Take a look at this grumpy fellow among us.What’s more amazing?This same catery recently went viral for their cat Valkyrie, who looks eerily similar to a human.