A “unsellable” dog abandoned by breeders becomes a huge celebrity

As one of the smallest pet dog breeds on the planet, the Pomeranian is well-liked for its small stature and adorable appearance.When a Pomeranian dog becomes a little too large, many people believe he is no longer charming.

Bertram was also disposed of by his own dog breeders, who all assumed that he was “too big to market.”

The 5-month-old baby was surrendered to a Tulsa sanctuary and became something of a celebrity there.
He was adored for his wonderful, kind nature as well as his calm, laid-back demeanor.
Although the people at the shelter intended to keep the charming young boy with them for as long as possible, they also knew that they needed to find him an official owner who liked and cared for him, and the good news is that they did not have to wait too long.

A musician in New York City saw his pictures on Petfinder and fell in love right away.According to Kathy Grayson, it was his eyes that drew her attention so powerfully.Kathy decided to adopt this lovely man without hesitation, despite the fact that getting to him was difficult.She didn’t mind the distance because she knew she needed the dog.

Bertram (or Bert, as Kathy affectionately refers to him) had a rocky start, but his life was forever changed at that moment.
Perhaps destiny arranged for it to happen this way so they could fulfill and share their happy life with each other.

And, to no one’s surprise, Kathy was not the only one who thought Bert was extraordinary and also incredibly charming; a slew of Instagram users have a crush on the wonderful boy as well!
His Instagram account has over 443k followers, and people can’t get enough of his adorableness.

Bert is also well-known at Kathy’s art gallery.
Many people come there just to fulfill him or let their dog fulfill him, and the dog doesn’t mind being the center of attention at all!

It’s safe to say that this wonderful man is living an interesting life in New York City, and we’ll be seeing a lot more wonderful Bert moments in the near future!