A Ukrainian woman guides disabled and elderly dogs to safety

As a result, the media is hailing Nastya Tikhaya as a hero for her role in assisting abolished and disabled animals to flee the war.

Her photograph of herself leading a group of dogs captures the essence of unconditional love.
With her husband, Arthur Lee, she is currently assisting animals abandoned by their owners as well as homeless animals in crossing into Poland.

The almost all of the dogs were either disabled or senior citizens who were exhausted by the journey.
After walking for several miles, they needed to be carried across the river.
Some of the senior pets had been abandoned by their families as they fled, but Nastya and her husband refused to abandon them.

The couple isn’t done yet.Nastya begs for help as they rescue dogs and cats from the streets and arrange transport to Poland.Many dogs and cats are safe in Poland thanks to the brave couple and countless volunteers.
Shelters took them in, and some of the dogs were even reunited with their owners.

Her love for all of these dogs drives her to be brave and dedicated.
We hope she can find more people who share her love and concern for these dogs.

Thank you so much for rescuing and bringing these precious angels to safety!

It’s wonderful to read stories like this one about rescues.

Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion, and concern.

Bless her a thousand times over!
Lord, keep her safe and give her the faith and courage she needs to save these beautiful and innocent creatures.