A Ukrainian veterinarian risks her life to rescue abandoned cats and dogs from Lviv’s streets

As Russia continues to bomb Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes.
However, some brave people have remained behind to care for the terrified stray and abandoned animals in need of food and shelter.

One of these heroes is Dr Pavlina Harasym, a veterinarian who walks the streets of Lviv every day to rescue cats and dogs.
The city is being engulfed by war, and she is unsure how much time she has left to save the animals.


Network for Animals (NFA), an animal welfare organization, has been providing pet food and assistance since the beginning of the war and is now raising funds to purchase an animal ambulance van for the brave vet so that she can help even more animals.

“The sooner we get an ambulance to Dr Pavlina, the sooner she can get as many animals as possible away from the bomb blasts and airstrikes.”
She can currently only pick up two or three animals per trip, but an ambulance will allow her to collect many more, much faster,” they wrote.

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Dr. Pavlina and volunteers are currently entering “danger zones” on foot to rescue the animals.
They return them to the shelter, where they will be cared for until they can be safely transported to Poland.

They have so far rescued 200 animals, but could save many more if they had an animal ambulance.
The van can accommodate up to 50 pets, significantly increasing the number of animals saved.

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“There aren’t many people left on the ground saving animals, but Pavlina is, and we must help her.”
“There are fewer and fewer opportunities for the animals to escape,” the NFA warned.

Network for Animals reports that thanks to generous donors and partners in neighboring countries, over 1,000 dogs and cats have been evacuated and are safe.

“That’s nearly 1000 animals who won’t perish in bomb blasts or air strikes, or be left to starve on the streets without homes or care,” they wrote.

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However, there are still countless animals that require assistance.

“We have never known a situation like this, but we will never stop fighting for the animals left behind,” writes NFA.
Our top priority is to get them out, but if that isn’t possible, we will use your donations to feed them, treat their wounds, and bring them in from the freezing, war-torn streets.”