A Ukrainian refugee turns around and returns to help dogs

Following the Russian invasion, more than 3 million Ukrainians have fled their country.
But one woman is doing the unthinkable: she is returning to an active war zone….
To save those who have been abandoned – the animals.

Since the [w.ar] began, several people have been forced to flee or remain behind with their pets.
Marina risked her life crossing back into Ukraine to protect the animals left behind after taking her children to Poland to continue her work at “Shelter Friend Ukraine.”

Marina stated that she has taken in hundreds of dogs and has seven nurseries full of fur babies.
I am now taking all animals that people are (leaving) on the streets that I see.
We are overburdened, but we continue to assist.

Marina expresses concern about not having enough supplies to care for her rescued animals.
Marina is unable to obtain food, medicine, or bedding for the dogs because she lacks transportation.
She’s also feeling ill as a result of the stress.

Marina stated, “When the war is over, I will first go to Poland to thank the Polish people who are caring for my children.”
I’m going to take my kids home and find homes for the hundreds of animals in my shelter who are in need.

Then, as planned, I will realize my dream of constructing kennels with heating at my shelter for a large number of animals.

I am overjoyed that you are doing what you are doing.
It takes a special person to care for these animals and risk her life in the process.
Thank you so much for taking such good care of these adorable babies.
Please be cautious.

My heart goes out to her and all those dedicated to caring for animals who are unwittingly caught up in these heinous situations.