A tiny puppy escapes from a shelter kennel and attempts to make friends with a large dog

The MuttShack Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting dogs from low-income communities in California.
The rescue has shared an adorable video of a fascinating encounter between a tiny rescue puppy and the shelter’s two large dogs – and it’s almost too cute to bear.

When the shelter rescued this tiny black-and-white puppy, they immediately recognized him as a live wire!
The shelter workers put the puppy in his own kennel, confident that he would be safe there.
But the rambunctious puppy bolted the kennel as soon as he saw an opportunity and ran straight to the playground where the big dogs were playing!

In this video, we see the puppy charging at the big dogs without fear!
Sasha, the shelter’s Great Dane, is particularly amused by the puppy’s antics and immediately takes him under her wing!

As Sasha appoints herself as the puppy’s guardian, the other big dogs arrive to inspect the puppy.
This little boy appears to have already established dominance over the larger dogs at the shelter!
This adorable story is similar to the doggie version of the David and Goliath story!

Click the video below to watch the minuscule puppy running around demanding the bigger dogs play with him!