A street dog who is seriously injured due to a spinal injury receives the care he requires

A street dog who had suffered a serious spinal injury was hiding in pain.
The neighbors who discovered him contacted Animal Aid Unlimited for assistance.

“He growled and threatened to bite our rescue team when they arrived.”
“In retrospect, we now know that the only reason was his tremendous pain and fear,” Animal Aid Unlimited writes on YouTube.
“Those growls were quickly replaced by patient, trusting smiles.”

Fortunately, the young dog (named Joey) suffered no fractures or serious wounds.
To walk again, he would need 4 weeks of bedrest, which no street dog has.
However, this is where Animal Aid Unlimited and their supporters come in.

“This confinement is especially difficult for a young dog.”
“However, loving visits and having a lot going on around him helped,” his rescuers say.
And seeing him a month later is truly heartwarming.