A Stray Dog Decides To Follow A Woman Home Just In Time

Karen couldn’t help but notice that someone was following her as she walked down the sidewalk in her neighborhood.A tense German shepherd trailed behind, showing interest but keeping a respectful distance.

“I wasn’t afraid of her following,” Karen, who asked that her last name not be used, told The Dodo.I attempted to approach her at first, but she was too terrified.I sat on the curb and waited.

Karen was concerned that the dog had been abandoned due to her breed, so she contacted her right away.She couldn’t abandon her.

Despite numerous sightings of the stray pup in the area, she discovered that no one had been able to gain her trust.

Karen noted that security, neighbors, and the Humane Society all attempted to apprehend her.

For some reason, the wary dog seemed to feel more secure around Karen.After much persuasion and bribery, the puppy agreed to let Karen take her home.

“I was the first one she let close enough,” Karen added.It’s incredible to me how these things happen.

The pairing seemed predestined.Karen was hesitant to get a new dog after losing her beloved golden retriever, Lola, in 2019.She had no idea that her new best friend would literally walk into her life.She quickly fell in love with the dog and named her Nala.

“Nala followed me and dispelled any fears I had about finally adopting a dog,” Karen said.
Sometimes you think you’re not ready for a situation, but fate steps in and says, “Uh, yeah, you are.”
I’m amazed that my reel had such an impact on so many people, but I’m also thrilled that they care about rescue!Karen made a remark.

Karen thought she’d told the whole story, but Nala had one more surprise for her.Karen became concerned when Nala started experiencing nausea and bloating.She sought advice from the veterinarian.

In just a few days, Nala gave birth to eight healthy puppies.Nala is the perfect mother!Karen made a remark.”I’m still overcome with joy and shock!”

Karen discovered Nala to be four weeks pregnant, according to the veterinarian, but Nala wasn’t obviously pregnant because she hadn’t been eating much.The problem didn’t become apparent until Karen started feeding Nala on a regular basis.

“These moments that happen can lead you to places you never expected,” Karen says.

When Karen and Nala happened to cross paths while out for a walk that day, she had no idea the strange path Nala would take her down.Karen, on the other hand, would not trade her experience—or her new dog—for anything.

Karen responded, “All I can do right now is make sure she’s safe and happy forever.”She saved me as well, but I saved her first.