A small stray Chihuahua puppy falls from the sky and fights for his life

This is one of the most incredible stories ever told; it is about a 6-week-old puppy who survived a horrific incident.
After a long day at work, a group of construction workers heard the tiny pup’s urgent cries.
As a result, they were acutely aware that they needed to act.

They began searching for and following the sound, but they found nothing. They continued to hear the cries, so one of them looked above and realized that the cries were coming from above.
When they saw a small Chihuahua pup gripped in the talons of a hawk circling the sky with it, it was a heartbreaking scene.

They were all stunned and unsure what to do, but the hawk then let go of the Chihuahua, which came careening down.
So the workers rushed over to check on the puppy and couldn’t believe what they saw.

Fortunately, the pup was injured but not severely, allowing workers to scoop him up and transport him to the nearest veterinarian, where he was examined and determined to be fine.

The tiny puppy, who was taken to Austin Animal Center (AAC), had several scratches, bruises, and bumps, but considering he was thrown from the sky by a hawk, he was in excellent condition.
Following the harrowing incident with the hawk, he was given IV fluids to help him recover.

Thankfully, Tony Hawk, the little Chihuahua, is now recovering and receiving proper nutrition, and he will be available for adoption once he is fully recovered.

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Originally appeared on: The Dodo