A Senior Dog Returned To A Shelter Has Found A Forever Home

A senior dog was returned to a shelter more than ten years after being rescued.A local veterinarian, on the other hand, has offered her a permanent residence.

According to her guardians, Netty, 15, was rescued from the Pennsylvania SPCA in 2010, only to be returned recently due to incontinence.Ask almost any shelter employee what the most difficult and heartbreaking aspect of their job is.They’ll always say it’s because people are returning dogs.Netty’s story, on the other hand, has a happy ending.

Return to the Refuge

“The rate of animal return varies, and it is not common.”But when it happens, it can be upsetting, especially after a decade,” said Gillian Kocher, public relations director.”However, rather than dwelling on what had brought her back to us, we chose to concentrate on how we could give her the best possible final days.”

Netty was soon doing “wonderfully” thanks to medication, but her “overall disposition was very melancholy,” according to Gillian Kocher, the Pennsylvania SPCA’s director of public relations.”She was admitted to our shelter’s hospital because of her age and a [urinary tract infection].”She did get a lot of attention, but she mostly slept.”

A Serial Senior Dog Adopter

Netty’s mood improved when she met Amy Kidd, owner of Pocopson Veterinary Station, and her husband and children.The shelter shared Netty’s story on social media.Many people know that Kidd’s family only rescues senior pets, especially those with special needs.

“As a small-animal veterinarian, I regularly witness the needs of elderly pets,” she told Newsweek, noting that dog and cat owners typically adopt puppies and kittens.Adult pets, puppy mill parents, and seniors, on the other hand, are more likely to be euthanized.

Marta commented on a Newsweek article on August 21, 2022: “If people knew how satisfying it is to save senior dogs/cats, they would be racing to the shelters to adopt them…The gratitude they show and the impact you can have on their lives are truly priceless!!!