A sad and scared dog lifts her head so the woman knows she is alive and places her paw in her hand

When an animal rescuer named Judy saw a dog on the side of the road, she immediately pulled over, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Countless cars must have passed this poor pup on the busy road, but no one stopped to help her.
And it was clear that this Pit Bull was in pain.

Judy got out of her car and attempted to call the dog over to her, but the dog was immobile.
She was in a lot of discomfort.
When Judy got closer, the sweet dog used the last of her energy to roll onto her back and wag her tail.
“I’m a nice dog, and I won’t hurt you,” she was saying.
“Can you assist me right now?”

Judy was able to get the Pittie into her car with some perseverance.
The puppy appeared to be withdrawn and exhausted.
Judy extended her hand, and the dog placed her paw in it.
They drove that route for the entire 20-minute drive to the vet clinic.
Paw in hand, as if the two were officially fighting together to get this dog the help she required.

Judy had assumed that the Pittie had been hit by a car, but the vet confirmed that this was not the case.
She had old fractures that were quite visible.
Someone had harmed this poor dog and then abandoned her on the side of the road, as if she were garbage.
Judy wanted to give the dog a fitting name, so she came up with Mercy.

Mercy gradually began to recover.
Judy fed her from the palm of her hand because she was thankfully interested in food.
Judy wanted to ensure Mercy was at ease in her kennel at the clinic.
Mercy became quite attached to her new pink plush bunny, which she received from her mother.

Mercy was given a wheelchair by the rescue group, but she despised it.
In fact, it inspired her to walk alone the next day!
Of course, she struggled, but Mercy demonstrated that she was willing to go to any length to recover.

Mercy’s story was shared on Facebook while she was still healing.
When Mark and Sharon saw Mercy’s photos, they knew she belonged with them.
They contacted Judy and informed her that they had a loving home with a large yard available for her.
Judy was certain that Mercy’s destiny lay with this family.

It was such a joyous occasion when Mercy was finally able to return home.She greeted her new parents with a wag of her tail and her favorite bunny in her mouth.Sharon explains in the video below that her bunny, “her baby,” accompany her everywhere.It’s the most adorable thing ever.

Judy went to see Mercy a few months later.Mark couldn’t wait to show Judy what Mercy was capable of doing now.They entered the large yard, where Mark threw Mercy’s tennis ball with a slinger.The ball flew far away, and Mercy chased it down, running at full speed, as if nothing had happened to her.It was amazing.The dog, who couldn’t even stand up, had fully recovered.

Mercy’s story could not have ended any better.Thank you so much to Judy and TAO Animal Rescue, as well as the medical staff and Mercy’s new parents, for providing her with the life she deserves.Scroll down to read The Dodo’s full story about Mercy.