A rescued puppy has found a loving new home with children, dogs, and a yard to play in

During construction, a man came across an abandoned beautiful puppy.
He knew he had to make a decision between leaving and helping that dog.
He made the decision to assist the puppy.
As the thirsty puppy lapped up the refreshing drink, he poured water from a bottle into his hand.
The rescuer had dog food in his car, which he shared with the puppy.

The puppy was eager to play after she had been fed.
She put on a scarf and even went over to cuddle with another worker.

The puppy was then taken to the veterinarian.
She was examined and treated for any problems she may have had.
The puppy was only three months old, according to the vet.

Rescuers invited the puppy home soon after she was collared.
Fortunately, they discovered her before it began to snow.
The dog enjoyed playing in the snow because he knew he would return to a warm home.

It took several weeks for the puppy, now named Beti, to find a permanent home.
Many families were interested, but the rescuers wanted to find the best option.

Finally, another family arrived with additional dogs, three children, and a large yard to play in.
Beti is now living a happy life full of love and games.