A rare dog with a short spine demonstrates the love he has in his heart

Quasimodo was found as a stray dog and taken to a southern shelter, but little is known about his past.
Short Spine Syndrome has been identified in the German Shepherd Dog.According to reports, he is one of only 13 canines in the world with this unusual genetic disease.

Quasi is about 5 years old and was rescued by Secondhand Hounds in Minnesota.Despite the fact that he has not yet been evaluated, the rescue organization described him as “a nice, wonderful, sweet baby.”

A twisted spine is caused by a rare hereditary disease, which may lead to health problems with his internal organs later in life.Backyard breeding could be to blame for the spinal condition.Despite their special needs, Pig and Cuda, two other dogs with the same spinal condition, have found loving homes.

On his second day with his rescuers, Quasi is being examined by a veterinarian.
He’s having an x-ray done here.He appeared to be unconcerned about anything.Quasi was placed with a foster family and cared for until Secondhand Hounds determined that due to his special needs, he could be kept permanently.

Quasi has a forever home and is an excellent advocate for rescue and special-needs dogs.
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