A mother hen turns herself into an umbrella to protect her babies from the heavy rain

Every mother creates her children, whether they are animals or humans.Furthermore, every mother feels the same way about her child.Mothers’ love is legendary, and they will go to any length for their children.

credit: viral Hog

The animal kingdom demonstrates how, as mothers, they react to changing conditions immediately.This touching story took place in India and will melt your heart with love.It was a mother hen expressing maternal love for her chicks.

In the video, a brood of little chicks is snuggling around their mother hen.The feathery mommy spreads her wings over them during the rain.The wings serve as a living umbrella for the chicks.So the kids can shelter under the umbrella until the rain stops.It helps to keep them warm.

She, like many other parents, was unconcerned about her feathers getting wet from the rain.Her main concern was keeping her chicks warm, dry, and comfortable.How lovely is that?

credit: viral Hog

The video was shot at a local fish market during a heavy rainstorm.Mother’s love is evident everywhere.Even in the midst of a heavy downpour.