A missing dog returns to his family with a handwritten note describing him as a hero

A New Zealand family was concerned after their senior dog went missing.
They were left speechless, however, when he returned home with a touching note around his neck!

Louie has been living at Marolyn Diver’s parents’ farm since he was a puppy.
The adorable sheepdog had always been a very energetic puppy, so he used to run around the family’s property all day.
However, as Louie grew older, his preferences shifted, and now, at the age of 12, the senior prefers to stay at home rather than venture out into the neighborhood.

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As a result, when Louie went missing for several hours one day, his family was understandably concerned.
It happened exactly when Marolyn went to see her parents, who were worried because they had no idea where Louie could be.
Later that afternoon, however, everyone was surprised to see the old dog return home, carrying a handwritten note around his neck.

“He looked exhausted and had basically collapsed,” Marolyn told THE DODO.
“We were worried that someone had hurt him.
But after reading the note, I was completely relieved, and my heart melted.”

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The dog was dubbed a hero in the note.
“Louie is the hero of the day,” said the note.
“He led me to Maddy, who was trapped under a branch pile.
Rob, cheers.”
Rob, a farmer, is a neighbor of Marolyn’s parents, and Maddy is his dog.
So, shortly after reading the note, her parents called Rob to inquire about the details.
Maddy had also gone missing that day, and when Rob returned home after searching everywhere, he spotted Louie at his place.
Rob insisted on following the dog.
The man trusted the dog’s instincts and, surprisingly, he led him right to Maddy.

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Unfortunately, Maddy became entangled in some bushes, but she is now alive thanks to her friend Louie.
“Rob said he was 100 percent certain Louie knew what he was doing, and getting Rob to Maddy was his sole focus,” Marolyn explained.
“Once he found her, Louie assisted Rob in digging her out, pulling at branches and digging the ground.”
“The second she was free, both dogs ran to a nearby pond and jumped in, exhausted and drinking water,” Rob said.

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Louie was exhausted from the rescue and couldn’t even get out of bed that day, let alone eat or drink water.
His poor health worried his parents even more.
But, miraculously, everything returned to normalcy the other day when Rob and Maddy paid them a visit.

“Rob came over on his bike the next morning with Maddy in a wee basket in the back,” Marolyn explained.
“Louie perked up and returned to normalcy.”

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