A man was caught on camera comforting a distraught cow after she lost her calf

Animals suffer tragedies, and unlike most humans, they must bear their pain alone.

But one cow, who had a tragic experience alone in a field, had no idea that a human would step in to provide her with the love she required.

On Mother’s Day, Benjamin Tipps was visiting his mother-in-house law’s in Texas when he felt compelled to stop and assist a mama cow in need.

A cow had been going through a long and difficult labor in a field near his family’s home for several days.

Despite her efforts, her calf died, and all the exhausted cow could do was lie on the ground and say goodbye to her child.

Benjamin was so moved by her story that he went to comfort the cow and lay with her, holding the distraught mother while she went through every parent’s worst nightmare.

His actions were captured on video and shared on social media with the caption, “What a great heart this man has.”
Benjamin laid with this momma cow and petted her to try to comfort her after she lost her baby the day before.
Such a lovely, yet heartbreaking, image.”

Benjamin told local media that he saw the cow collapse during labor and that the calf was stillborn.

After losing her baby, the cow became distressed and became motionless and unable to move.

During her time of need, he sat beside her, hugging and comforting the cow.

If only we all felt this way about our precious animal kingdom.