A man saves two pit bulls, but they repay him by saving him from an assault

Adopting a new pet from a shelter is always preferable.
It’s a chance to give a homeless or abandoned animal a second chance at life.
It’s not uncommon for an animal to return the favor after you’ve rescued it.
That’s what one man discovered after his new pets rescued him.
Robert McGowan came across two pit bulls in a nearby shelter.
According to The Dodo, the dogs had a difficult life and were abandoned.

Pit bulls are the most common breed of dog found in shelters, and their reputation as aggressive dogs deters many people from adopting them.
The dogs’ plight, on the other hand, moved Robert, who adopted them and named them Ellabelle and Ladybug.
He gave them a loving home, and the pit bulls turned out to be gentle and sociable dogs.
However, in a recent event, the dogs revealed their true nature.

One night, Robert was in his garage when he was approached by four strangers.
They punched him in the face, causing him to get a black eye, and then planned to steal his car.
They demanded the keys, which, according to Robert, were already inside.
They had no idea what else they’d find inside.
The two pit bulls rushed to their owner’s aid, barking and driving the attackers away.

“They chased them out,” Robert told The Dodo.
“My daughters stormed into the garage and encircled me.”
“They stood there barking, clearly indicating that no one would hurt me any longer.”
“The four people took off.”
Despite the breed’s negative reputation, Robert claims that the dogs are polite and non-aggressive, but they will defend their loved ones if they are threatened.
It’s a heartwarming tale about how devoted and caring rescue dogs can be.
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