A man saves a dying wild fox, and they later become best friends

Here’s a story about Woody the fox and his kind owner, Yaroslav.
Woody practically ended up on someone’s collar: he was raised on a fur farm and was also doomed to be killed.
Yaroslav appeared in 2015 and also got him out of there.

He spoke with the proprietors of the hair ranch, and they agreed to sell the fox to him on the condition that he pay them the price they were prepared to pay for his fur.

Woody was hesitant and also did not want to interact with anyone during his first days with Yaroslav.
The rapid change in his surroundings should have been extremely stressful for the poor guy.
However, after a week or two, Yaroslav and Woody discovered a common language and also began to become good friends.

Because foxes can spread diseases, the fox spent his first month at Yaroslav’s house under quarantine.

Yaroslav eventually built a one-of-a-kind kennel for Woody to spend his time outside.
Woody, being the mischievous fox that he is, tunneled numerous passages while also venturing out every now and then.

However, Yaroslav was concerned that Woody would not be able to sustain himself and also remain in the woods because he had not learned all of the necessary skills as a result of his time on a fur ranch during his development.

Woody is currently well-fed and content with his life.
He only consumes natural products such as meat, cottage cheese, fruits, and vegetables.
His favorite food is a persimmon fruit.

It is necessary to emphasize how unexpected it is that a fox found happiness while being domesticated, given that they are not exactly household pets in any way or form.

According to Yaroslav, it’s not as simple as it appears.
He compares it to having a disobedient feline and a canine done in one.
Regardless, Woody and the internet thank him for giving the fox a new lease on life.