A man rushes inside a box to save two frozen puppies

Today we’re going to show you two adorable puppies who would have died if a man walking by an empty lot hadn’t noticed the box they were in.He noticed the box on the ground and went to investigate; the two puppies inside were dead and frozen.He rushed the two freezing puppies to the KC Pet Project’s animal shelter, unsure if they could be saved.

“Today, we are grateful for a variety of things,” the KC Pet Project writes on Facebook. “We’re grateful to the man who discovered the box in this photo in an abandoned lot and brought the two puppies to the shelter for care.””They were unconscious when they arrived and were immediately taken to our veterinary clinic.””We’re grateful to our veterinary team for working for hours feeding these puppies and attempting to warm their small bodies up to get them back to normal levels,” they write.

“We’re grateful to the dog care team member who took them home for overnight observation and continued to care for them.”Despite their fears that the puppies would perish, their collaborative efforts paid off.”We are overjoyed to report that they have survived, that they have been fed, and that they are resting this morning.”We are also grateful for all of the donations to our Roadrunner Medical Fund, which allows us to care for puppies like this at KC Pet Project.”They’ll be monitored for a few days to ensure their stability before being transferred to a foster home to recover until they’re ready for adoption.”