A Lion Kisses A Dog’s Hand And Asks For Forgiveness

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverCamilla was raised in Mexico with the most ferocious beasts from the Black Jaguar and White Tiger Foundation.But Mika’s unbreakable bond with the white lion!Despite their striking differences, Miki and Camila are two peas in a pod who are inextricably linked by their thickness and thinness.

This video depicts one of the rare occasions when Camila and Mika have a minor altercation during a game.Mickey is the first to leave the stage due to his natural demeanor.Camila, on the other hand, patiently waits within her fence for her foolish friend to calm down.

Mickey, as expected, is angry and unable to hide his pity, and quickly returns to his dog friend, who is chatting with an apologetic expression.In her apology, the lovely lion lowers her head charmingly, approaches Camilla, and gently grabs her paw.He kisses her feet and begs her to forget her minor squabbles in a friendly gesture of forgiveness.

Camila, true to her guilt, has no desire for vengeance.In her case, when she solves the problem and engages Mickey, who is still attacking in the chase game, all water is under the bridge.In contrast, the affection shared by these out-of-the-box friends is perplexing in many ways!Please watch the video below to see Mikawa Camila’s extraordinary love demonstrated at the Little Apple Gathering!
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