A heartbreaking thank you from a dying dog brings the rescuer to tears

We do not deserve dogs.
Even in their darkest, most painful moments, they show us love and companionship.
Dogs will sometimes be loyal to a human they’ve never met before.
However, they may be able to tell when someone has a good heart.

One woman showed kindness to two dogs who had no one to look after them.
Instead of being scared or aggressive, one of the dogs took a step forward and responded with compassion.
It was as if he knew she had saved his life and he wanted to express his gratitude to her.

When a woman was driving down an empty road, she noticed a terrifying sight.
Two dogs were chained together outside in the heat.
There was no one nearby, and the dogs appeared distressed.
However, the woman assumed that their human had simply left them outside for a short time and that everything would be fine.
As a result, she drove home.

But the image of those two terrified dogs stayed with her.
She couldn’t sleep because she was so worried about the dogs being abandoned in this manner.
She drove back over to the dogs the next day to make sure they were safe.
But, sadly, both canines remained chained in the same spot, looking even more heartbroken than before.
They appeared to be starving, dehydrated, and on the verge of death.

The woman rescued the dogs and drove them into her car without hesitation.
She couldn’t stand by and watch them sit outside alone for another minute.
She drove away once the dogs were calmed down in the vehicle, but she couldn’t control her emotions.
She burst into tears at the thought of someone abandoning these dogs like that.
But, to her surprise, the dog in the passenger seat was there to comfort her.
Instead of being terrified and perplexed, he was simply grateful for her selfless actions.

While sobbing on the way home, the woman recorded a video of the sweet dog sitting beside her.
Through sniffles, she pets the dog and tells him everything is fine.
However, the dog, much to her surprise, grabs her arm in response.
He appears to be comforting her and thanking her by holding her hand.

This heartwarming video went viral quickly for all the right reasons.
While this woman was being kind to dogs in need, one of those dogs was showering her with affection.
Dogs appear to be able to detect a good person, so this adorable pup knew he was finally safe.

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