A dying puppy is nursed back to health by some caring chimps

Jenny and Jim Desmond are animal rescuers who run the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue in West Africa.

Jenny was driving through the streets of a remote village in Liberia one day when she came across a tiny fur baby in desperate need of assistance.

Jenny and her husband drove the dying puppy, named Snafu, back to the sanctuary, where Jenny and her husband gave her the medical attention she required.

Snafu, on the other hand, was in bad shape; not only was she starving, but she also had infections and worms, so they kept a close eye on her, unsure if she would survive.
Within a few days, her eyes brightened and her skin began to improve, so the couple decided Snafu was ready to meet the other sanctuary residents.
They had no idea how well she would get along with the other residents.

The chimps fell in love with Snafu right away and not only loved and helped her, but they were also always available to be her fun playmates.

The chimps kept an eye on Snafu as she grew bigger and stronger, but they couldn’t cuddle her like they used to.

Jenny found Snafu a forever home with her nieces in Colorado once she was fully recovered.

She’s now in a loving home with two sisters and a mom and dad who adore her, all thanks to a caring sanctuary and some loving chimps.

In the video below, you can see Snafu’s incredible journey and the friends she makes along the way.