A Dog Was Saved From A Car Wash

According to 10 News in Roanoke, Virginia, a dog was chained to the back of a vehicle that nearly drove through a car wash.The news organization captured the truck on surveillance video entering the Lightning McClean Car Wash on Saturday.As the car moved forward, employees noticed the dog chained in the back and informed the driver.A man wearing a Bedford Fire Department shirt then got out of the car and untied the dog.

“He wanted to get his dog washed, too,” the man allegedly said, and the car wash manager claimed he appeared “agitated.”

The Bedford fire chief described the individual as a “junior member” of the volunteer department.He claims that after learning about the incident, authorities launched an investigation.After inspecting the dog, they discovered no evidence of maltreatment.Coincidentally, the passenger is leaving the fire department on September 1st.
Check out what happened below:

The open road’s breeze is well known to dogs.However, experts agree that transporting your dog in an open truck bed is a bad idea.

According to an American Veterinary Medical Association survey from 2007, a group of Massachusetts veterinarians treated nearly 600 injuries caused by dogs falling out of truck beds.Furthermore, the American Humane Society reports that such mishaps result in 100,000 dog deaths and many more injuries each year.

As a result, laws prohibiting the transport of dogs in truck beds are being enforced in a number of states.Furthermore, doing so is dangerous and puts your pet in danger.

If you must transport your dog in the back of a truck, make sure the crate is properly locked and secured.For more information on canine road trips, see these suggestions.