A dog swam more than 11 hours to find and rescue his owner

A dog and his owner went fishing.They traveled by boat.Unfortunately, the boat capsized, and the dog was separated from his owner, writes pets.
The dog refused to give up.The dog swam for 11 hours to find and rescue his owner.Unfortunately, the dog’s strength and feeling were lost, but he had a strong will.He couldn’t let his owner die in the water.

Fortunately, a man noticed him.The man attempted to pull the dog out of the water, but the dog refused.The dog swam back into the water.He was clearly still looking for someone.

The dog didn’t calm down until a rescue team arrived and pulled his owner from the water.The owner is saved thanks to the dog.They are both safe and sound.

The dog demonstrated that he is a loyal companion.He stood by his owner’s side and even put his life in danger to save the dog.Dogs are guardians and angels to their owners.