A dog led a man into the mountains to rescue a child abandoned there

This incredible story occurred last December on the Philippine island of Cebu.On that day, a man named Jenrell was walking down a mountain road to his house.He, like most islanders, used a bike for transportation, writes positive-info.

A dog eventually followed him.It barked loudly and tried to attract attention in any way it could.Jenrell came to a halt, and it was obvious that the dog was calling him somewhere.

The man dismounted his motorcycle and pursued the animal.After a few minutes, the dog began to whine near a bundle near the local landfill.What a shock the man felt when he saw the baby!

Jenrell immediately dialed 911.It was a boy, and doctors determined that he was completely healthy and had no injuries on his body.

The dog was completely forgotten in the midst of all this chaos.However, it was discovered in the same location a week later.It was discovered that it was not homeless, but rather had owners.And the local charity organization «Hope for Strays» brought gifts to the owners of the four-legged savior.

The dog’s name is Blackie and ten other dogs live in that house.

Unfortunately, the owners’ financial situation is not ideal.However, they will now be assisted by a charitable foundation as a thank you for raising such a smart and sensitive dog.

Source: positive-info.com