A dog in a basket with “half of a body” that no one wants sets his sights on one man

According to ilovemydogsomuch, all dogs deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.But, thankfully, there are animal rescuers who are willing to step in and care for any animal in need.When one of the dogs was a puppy and suffered a terrible fate, these volunteers were astounded by her unwavering strength.This is not a story about abuse.It is all about perseverance!There are many homeless pets on the streets where this dog named Saboor lives.Kids can get out of hand if they are not properly supervised.When a couple of teenagers met this sweet dog, they decided to torture her rather than help her.BUT she got the best of her retaliation by surviving the attack.

Saboor’s ears and hind legs were severed by the cruel kids, but she survived!She survived despite extensive surgeries and round-the-clock care.She is now with a new rescue organization that is determined to find her a forever home!

Saboor wags her tail wildly despite the fact that she is missing both of her hind legs.She is completely enamored with life!She can play with toys and move around in her own special way.This little dog has no idea she’s unique, and that’s exactly the point!She is unique and deserving of everything!

Saboor’s new human friend, a man who runs a shelter for special-needs animals, decided to adopt her.
He is confident that he can provide her with adequate care and attention.He even contacted a local engineer who designs doggy wheelchairs.You have to see how this lovely lady reacts to her new wheels.

While we recognize that what happened to this dog was unjust and disgusting, the only retribution she can seek is to live her best life.That is precisely what she is doing.

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