A Dog Has 2 Legs Was Saved From Certain Death

The five-month-old dog has only two legs but moves around in a kangaroo-like manner, which is admirable.

Her bouncing and jumping has earned her the nickname Roo, as well as a lot of attention from onlookers who think she’s a marsupial.

She was rescued from certain death by the British charity Safe Rescue for Dogs in November, and she had already learned to bounce with kangaroo-like ease.

Soon after, nurse Nikki Dick, 50, and her fireman husband Ian, 52, fostered Roo, who is thought to be a cross between a collie and a whippet, and they now plan to adopt her permanently.Mrs Dick, from Morpeth, Northumberland, said, ‘How could you not fall in love with her?’She’s such a shining star.

‘Roo doesn’t know any other way than to hop on her two back legs, but she still enjoys all the attention from people who always stop and look twice when they see her because they think she’s a kangaroo.

‘She’s completely content and pain-free, and the vets are very pleased with her progress.’Roo is treated to weekly hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions by the couple, who also have six other rescue dogs.