A Cute Goat Meets Her First Puppy

If only goats and dogs could communicate!”You understand exactly what your dog desires,” ars writes.

It’s easy to imagine your puppy asking, “Would you like to play?”The goat inquires.”Where has your mother gone?”Someone put a puppy in a cage with a child.The goat is initially intrigued by the puppy, but quickly becomes disinterested and wishes to flee.

A puppy lying in bed notices a small child and pokes his nose several times to figure out what it is.The brave puppy leaps out of bed and fumbles around the cage, waving her tail and inviting the goat to play.

The goat tries to flee from the puppy, but the goat becomes increasingly insistent on playing with the puppy.When the dog becomes restless, the goat appears to be frozen in fear, leaning against the cage’s wall.

Watch the sweet video below: