A brave man crawls into a small cave to save nine puppies

Eldad spends the majority of his time looking for and rescuing homeless dogs, and many of them are difficult to save.She entered a small cave this time to rescue nine puppies hidden inside.

Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, a Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to saving abandoned animals, spends the majority of his time searching for and rescuing homeless dogs, and many of those dogs aren’t always easy to rescue, but he always finds a way to make it work, even when a rescue appears to be impossible.He entered a small cave this time to rescue nine puppies hidden inside.

This rescue video is dedicated to her dear friend and rescuer Lisa M Ashe, who adored animals and worked tirelessly to find them suitable homes.Hope For Paws received a call shortly after Lisa’s funeral about a litter of puppies in need of help.

The cubs were born to a feral mother who had eluded all rescue efforts for the previous five years, and they were placed in a cave.These adult dogs had been surviving on their own for so long that they were terrified of people, making it nearly impossible to approach them.

But Eldad was determined to get these cubs out, and he literally dug his way into the small cave to do so.

Eldad told The Dodo :

“If you approach them, they run across the railroad tracks and vanish.”It was difficult to tell how many pups were in total because they kept coming in and out of the cave.The females sat with them for six hours, watching them come and go until they realized there were eight cubs.

The rescue would be more successful if they also rescued their mother and aunts.Eldad and his team entered the cave in an attempt to save the 6-week-old cubs.When the rescue teams arrived at the cave, they attempted to coax the cubs out of hiding by using pieces of cheese.

Eldad immediately recognized the father of the puppies as a homeless dog named Tank, whom he had rescued from the same area a few months earlier, when some of them finally came out.

The cubs were eager to be fed, but they were also wary because they had had little human interaction in their brief lives.

When Eldad grabbed the first pup, the others panicked and fled back into their cave.

Eldad was not about to give up without a fight, despite the cave’s narrow entrance.He crammed himself as tightly as he could into that small, dark, narrow space, hoping the cubs weren’t too far away for him to grab.

He was able to carefully and slowly remove each puppy.When the puppies first came into contact with human hands, they cried and cried until they felt the caresses and realized they were safe.