A Boy Who Has Been Abandoned By His Parents Sings A Lullaby To A Homeless Dog

Passers-by are frequently pity-filled by homeless children and animals.
However, many Internet users were moved by this story.

Maria Cubs is a regular Filipino citizen.
When the girl was walking through the streets of Quezon, she came across something that moved her to tears.
A young boy held a puppy in his arms and sang him a lullaby.

Maria couldn’t let this opportunity pass her by.
She approached the boy and inquired about his life.
Rommel, the boy’s name, turned out to be, and he is 11 years old.
After his parents divorced, the boy ended up on the street.
He sleeps on stones instead of a warm bed.
Maria also discovered that Rommel has an older sister who lives in another city.
And the boy’s most cherished wish is not to return home, but to return to school!

Rommel’s life would be very sad if he were alone on the street, but he is not.
The youngster found a puppy and named him Badji.
Rommel is no longer on his own.
He has a true friend who will never betray him.
The boy looks after Badji and sings him lullabies.
The puppy brightens the boy’s free time and provides him with warmth.

Maria Cubs was deeply moved by the story of an abandoned boy and a small dog.
She filmed Rommel singing a lullaby to the puppy and shared it on her social media.
The video went viral in a matter of days, causing a large number of people to cry.