A bereaved dog spends the entire week lying next to his deceased mother

There has been a fierce debate about whether animals really have emotions.

The love of a mother for her children and for animals is unwavering.When a puppy, such as this one, refuses to leave its mother’s body.Her mother died and decomposed quickly.That’s a shame!

More tragically, an image of a dog holding his mother’s body was circulated on social media for private gain in order to raise funds.This enraged everyone.The puppy was later rescued, and its mother was laid to rest.He’ll be fine soon, and he’ll have enough affection for the rest of his life.

Somi Gopalan recently discovered a photo of the dog on Facebook.
It was a dog laying on its mother’s body, but she had no idea where it was.
According to VOSD, the dog and its mother stayed in the same location every week (The Voice of Stray Dogs).
Some people took a while to figure out where the puppy was, and VOSD was unable to handle the situation as a result.

Many people were terrified of the dog and would not approach it.
When she arrived on the scene, the youngster took the initiative and discovered a way to help the dog.
They properly buried the dog’s mother.
People tried to persuade the puppy to join them, but he preferred to stay with his mother.

They were eventually able to persuade him and bring him to a safe location.
Somi, the dog, was supposed to be his salvation, and he was possibly adopted by the founder of VOSD.
The puppy has now been adopted.