A.ban.doned puppy discovered in a coma recovers miraculously thanks to loving support

On a cold winter night, a few people in their neighborhood noticed a cardboard box by the side of the road near a dumpster.
They decided to investigate the mysterious box and soon discovered a puppy inside.
He appeared to be dead, but he wasn’t.
This is frequently Francis’ story:

Francis was discovered cold and motionless, and he was presumed dead.
Fortunately, the couple noticed that the puppy was breathing…

Francis was delivered to Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (CARA), a no-kill animal shelter in Jackson, Mississippi.
A trip to the vet confirmed that the pup was alive but trapped in a deep coma.

Despite his non-responsiveness, the CARA staff did everything they could to restore his health.
He was kept warm and comfortable.
And a celebration was held in his honor on Valentine’s Day.

When he awoke, he went home with several of the wonderful people at CARA to advocate for 24-hour care.
He needed a feeding tube for two months and had trouble standing.
He did, however, receive physiotherapy from an exceptional human, and he quickly progressed from opening his eyes and raising his head to standing on his own.His owner Harriet Scott says:

“We were fortunate to be chosen to adopt this special dog who had become such a celebrity.”
But to us, he’s just Francis, a sweet, loving dog with a lot of energy who enjoys running and playing outside, napping on the sofa, and living the life we wish all homeless animals could have.

Our family would be incomplete without him; he has so much love for people because it was people’s love that saved him.”