A baby squirrel fell from a tree but he had a guardian angel and they are now inseparable

We often don’t pay attention to what’s going on around us, including what’s going on right above our heads, writes natureknows.What was above his head, however, fell right at his feet for a man named Allen Pursley.He discovered a baby squirrel who had fallen from a nearby tree. The squirrel was so young that his eyes hadn’t even opened.

Allen knew he had to do something to help this helpless child.Fortunately for the squirrel, Allen was able to transport it to the veterinarian.After inspecting the baby squirrel, he was returned to Allen until he could be released back into the wild.

Pursley had no intention of keeping the squirrel, but he formed such a strong bond with him that it was incredible.He works from home, so he could hand-feed the squirrel milk and care for him until he grew.He saw Allen before he saw anyone else when he opened his eyes.

A lovely friendship was blossoming.He ended up spending so much time with the squirrel that a closet space was created for him.

The squirrel was named Rocky, but the nickname ‘Bad Squirrel’ appeared to be more popular.Rocky was difficult to train because he wanted to climb the drapes and jump on the countertops.

Rocky was ready to be released back into the wild, but he was so tame at this point that he was unlikely to survive.They appear to have made lifelong friends.

Rocky shares Allen’s home with two dogs and a cat, but they are a little too rough for Rocky.Allen is the only one who can handle him.

Rocky has matured over the course of two years since they first met.Their friendship has grown stronger over time.Although an outside home is being built, Rocky still wishes to be by Pursley’s side at all times.

Rocky has his own Instagram page!

Source: natureknows.org