A 65-year-old woman braves the freezing water to save herself a husky is trapped in ice

The icy winter weather can put dogs in perilous situations.
This season, there have been numerous reports of dogs becoming stuck on ice or falling through into freezing water.

But, thankfully, there are people who are willing to go out of their way to help these animals, even if it means wading through freezing water themselves.

That was the case for one Russian woman, who rescued her pet Husky from beneath the ice.

Galina Voskovykh, 65, of Voronezh Oblast in western Russia, was walking with friends by the river when she heard the “plaintive howl of a dog,” according to the Daily Mail, which was first reported by a local Russian outlet.She found a Husky dog, trapped in the freezing water — and immediately jumped into action to save its life.

“I undressed and jumped into the water without thinking twice,” Galina recalled.

Because the dog couldn’t get back to shore due to the ice, Galina cleared a path for her: “I helped her, broke the ice with my body,” she says.

While swimming through the icy river in bare feet was undoubtedly cold, it was worth it to save the dog’s life.

Galina was successful in freeing the Husky from the ice, and the two warmed up on the shore.

The rescued dog then fled with another man, who was apparently her owner.

Galina survived the rescue with only minor scrapes and bruises, according to the Daily Mail.
While some have questioned her decision to jump into the water (some have attempted to save dogs in this manner only to endanger their own lives), she is a strong swimmer and has no regrets about her decision.

“I don’t think of myself as a hero,” she admitted.
“I believe that anyone would do the same.”

Thank you to this woman for braving the bitter cold to save the life of this Husky!

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