Boxer adorably helps his baby brother stand for the first time

Obi has decided to be Henrick’s guardian angel.Our pets are true members of our households.In the United States, nearly 79 million dogs are kept as family pets, while over 31 million cats live in homes.Many people consider their pets to be their children and love them as much as their biological children.The two dogs featured in the popular Instagram account Two Boxers from Brooklyn are Leia and Obi.The two dogs were unsure how to react when their owner Allison gave birth to a baby boy.”I’m not sure if they had any idea I was pregnant,” Allison said.When Leia and Obi first saw their new baby brother Henrick, they were perplexed.Especially since they discovered he would be living with them.As a newborn, you can see them sniffing and staring at him.

They would sometimes avoid him because they were unsure what to do.Giving your pets lots of attention when the baby is present, according to the ASPCA, is an effective way to help pets adjust to a new baby.Bring your pet with you when you go for a walk with your baby.You can feed your dog while you feed your baby.This is exactly what Allison did to make it easier for Leia and Obi to accept and love Henrick.”We did our best to include them in the process.””We’d let them get up and explore, and they were very curious,” Allison explained.They soon realized Allison had things under control, and they began to feel more at ease around the baby.Henrick became more familiar to Leia and Obi.

Obi, in particular, went above and beyond.He became almost like Henrick’s guardian angel, always wanting to be near him.Allison stated that she noticed a genuine bond between Obi and Henrick.At the same time, baby Henrick was closely watching Leia and Obi and appeared to be learning from what they were doing.When Obi howled, Henrick would quickly follow suit, mimicking his older brother.When Henrick stood up for the first time, he relied on Obi for assistance.Obi remained completely still and motionless during this adorable moment.It’s almost as if he knew Henrick was learning and wanted to assist him as much as he could.

No matter how hard Henrick yanked on Obi’s collar, the big brother remained firm and assisted Henrick in learning to stand.He was an important part of this momentous occasion, which the family will always remember.This memorable occurrence is just one of many special moments shared by the two brothers.

It’s amazing to see Henrick mature with Obi and Leia by his side.It’s clear that they have a special sibling bond with each other.Allison expressed excitement about where their relationship will go in the future.We can’t wait either!Pets are an excellent addition to any family.If you have the time and resources, please consider adopting one of the millions of dogs and cats waiting in animal shelters.