4 young boys rescue starving, abandoned dog tied to house with bungee cords

Four little heroes!

It breaks our hearts to hear stories about dogs being abandoned, and this one wouldn’t have had a happy ending if three brothers and their friend hadn’t been in the right place at the right time!They didn’t hesitate to rescue an abandoned dog tied up with bungee cords and keep her safe until help arrived.

When brothers Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin Dancy and their friend Andrew Daniels from Detroit discovered the little pitbull, they were assisting an elderly neighbor with moving out all of her belongings.She’d been bungee-corded carelessly and left without food, water, or blankets.She was severely malnourished and frail, so the boys wrapped her in a jacket and carried her to safety.The boys then continued to care for the dog, feeding and watering her until the rescue team arrived.They named her Sparkle and grew very attached to her!They were extremely concerned about her well-being.

The sweet story of the little heroes’ rescue was shared on Facebook by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, who said:

‘Our day’s heroes!’Young dog rescuers are getting started early.These wonderful children rescued a dog that had been abandoned on bungee cords and kept her safe until we arrived.’

They then shared the cutest photos of the boys swarming around the pit bull as she kisses them.Their expressions show how much they adore her, and it’s the purest thing we’ve seen today.”You could tell they really love this dog,” the organization’s founder, Theresa Sumpter, told WDIV.”They were very protective of the dog and wanted to ensure that the dog was going to a good place.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue kept the boys (and everyone else) updated on their Facebook page.Sparkles had a type of skin disease called mange, which the vet treated, and she was soon back to normal!
They stated:

‘We are pleased to announce that our sweet girl Sparkles has been vaccinated, spayed, and tested negative for HW!She is currently preparing to be transferred to our friends at Pet Tales Rescue in Grand Rapids, MI to find her very own forever home!Thank you to all of the wonderful children who assisted this sweet girl!!!’

Both dogs were immediately taken to the veterinary center to receive the necessary treatment thanks to the brothers and their friend.These little heroes are unstoppable!

We believe that congratulating these four boys who are doing their part to help animals in need is in order.We’re sure their families are overjoyed.